Mike Branch Horsemanship Creating a Soft Supple Horse DVD

This DVD has three exciting topics that will help you understand how Mike got his famous mustang "Karma" as soft and supple as she is known for.

The topics covered are:

1. Lunging Correctly

2. Forward Bending

3. Transitioning to the Saddle

​Cost $35.00 plus shipping

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R.W. Bowman Saddles

​We have had the pleasure of working with Mike Branch and his Flying B Horsemanship program for the past few years. Mike Branch has traveled extensively with the Bureau of Land Management, where he selects wild mustangs from the herds brought in for adoption and demonstrates the gentling process. Many times Mike has had wild mustangs saddled and on their backs in only one to two hours. 

Here at R. W. Bowman Saddle Co., LLC  we have produced a fine series of saddles designed to meet Mike's specifications. You will be impressed with these work saddles made with time honored methods to produce a lasting masterpiece that will last a lifetime  with reasonable care. Take a look at the saddles:

​R.W. Bowman

Mike Branch Horsemanship

Mike Branch Horsemanship Getting Started Naturally

your colts first ride book

This book gives you even greater insight to Mike's philosophy on colt starting and relationship building with your equine friend. The book is conveniently spiral bound so that you can keep it open, or lay it across a fence while you are out studying with your horse.

​$15.00 plus shipping

I still do things the old school way. It may be a little slower, but oftentimes things that are worth waiting for ... are worth waiting for. Just give me a call or email along with your old fashioned check, and we'll get your order out asap ... thanks

​Mike Branch

Mike Branch Horsemanship Getting Started Naturally

your colts first ride dvd

This DVD allows you to see Mike's techniques and hear his philosophy on giving the young horse it's first ride.

$20.00 plus shipping

Mike Branch Horsemanship Wild Mustang Gentling

Follow Mike on this two hour journey with a never before haltered or saddled wild mustang, as he takes it from entering the round pen to being haltered, saddled, and ridden. This video will give you great insight into the psyche of the horse whether wild or tame.

Mike only had two hours of tape and would like to have ended this DVD a little better, but he is riding the horse within the two hours allotted.

Cost $25.00 plus shipping