Getting Started Naturally

​your colts first ride ... and other training applications

Written in 2006, Getting Started Naturally ... your colts first ride, is my first book. I have asked myself, “what do I want the reader to take away from this book on colt starting and other training applications?” Besides a little knowledge, and the gaining of a few techniques, I would like for people to understand a better way of becoming a leader to their horse. The relationship with the horse is really all about proper leadership and the building of a trusted partnership.

"GETTING STARTED NATURALLY ~ Your Colts First Ride" is available in paperback ($15.95) on Amazon at the following link:
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Not Forsaken is the true story of one man’s physical sickness and pain. His emotional suffering, and God’s divine mercy, grace, and restoration.
Not Forsaken tells the story of how one family dealt with the shock of their two-year-old daughters brain tumor diagnosis, and their time at Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It also reveals the agony and heartbreak of only two months after the discovery of the child’s disease, receiving the dreadful diagnosis of breast cancer in this man’s wife and mother of their child.
Not Forsaken describes the incredible pain and agony through which a man dealt with caring for his family, while suffering loss, only to become ill with an incredibly rare disease himself.
But the story doesn’t end there. Read about how God divinely intervened in one of this man’s darkest hours, to not only heal, but to bring about a restoration in proving that we are …

                                                     ... Not Forsaken

The "one man" mentioned in the description above, is me ... the "one family," was mine. This story happened to me several years ago and I finally sat down and penned it so that I could share how God brought me through a really tough time. What God has done for me, of all people, He can do for you as well.

"NOT FORSAKEN" is avaiable for purchase in paperback ($7.21) or as a "Kindle" book ($2.99) on Amazon, at the following link:


Through the Eyes of a Horseman

​In 2006, I sat down to pen a book on getting young horses started under saddle. For the book, I asked myself: what do I want the reader to take away from this book as far as how the human/horse relationship should be … or, what is it that I am doing in order to cause the horse to allow me to be the one making the important decisions and ultimately riding the horse?

The reason that was so important to me, is because in many circumstances I have heard people saying things like: “you have to prove who the boss is,” or; “you better be the alpha if you’re going to deal with a horse.” That type of attitude seemed to make the people saying that, to sort of puff up with a certain arrogance and attitude that they were somebody and the horse was merely a subject under their feet. Does that sound familiar? It does to me. It sounds like a type of control that I began my working career under. It sounds like a type of dominance that has no idea of the meaning of character and integrity.

In my book, I chose to tell the readers what it is that I really do when I am getting a horse ready to be ridden by mankind. I develop a partnership. I develop a partnership with a horse through leadership. This leadership position is elected by the horse through the trust that it gains in me and that is because I choose to lead and establish that partnership through character.

Also, for that book a penned a motto that has been my horsemanship creed ever since:

     Leadership through Trust

                                                                                                      Partnership through Leadership

                                                                                             Trust, Partnership, and Leadership through

                                                                                             Love, Understanding, and Communication

Through a course of events I wrote a program for corporate executives using my philosophy of leadership. Since that time, I have taught seminars, and given lectures for people in many walks of life and professional careers. I have taught corporate executives, company CEO’s, CFO’s, football coaches, Doctors, nurses, business owners, project managers, lawyers, political officers, policemen and women etc.

You see good leadership is good leadership. It takes the same character and principles to be a leader, whether it’s a thousand wild mustangs, or a company business retreat. Read Mike’s book “LEADERSHIP ~ through the eyes of a horseman” and also book Mike to speak to your company today.

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"LEADERSHIP ~ Through The Eyes Of A Horseman," Is available in "paperback" ($15.00) or as a "Kindle Book," ($3.99)

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