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"Motivational" talks and "Leadership" lectures ... Through the Eyes of a Horseman ... with Mike Branch.

Let Mike Branch take your group to a new level as he shares his past experiences and knowledge in an exciting way: leadership lessons learned from over a thousand horses. Mike will thoroughly explain leadership characteristics and how they apply to not only the wild horses he has trained, but how you can use those same principles to become the leader to your constituents that you have always wanted to be.

The characteristics taught by Mike, combined with the analogies of his life experiences with horses will give your a mind a paradigm shift that will teach you unforgettable lessons on leadership.

Mike's talks are not always limited to the auditorium or conference room. Mike is also available to to give talks on leadership, self motivation and confidence, to clubs, churches, civic groups ... almost any organization. 

​Mike can even do live talks with a horse to demonstrate his points, as with the group featured below. This can really be an experience that your group will never forget, as often Mike gives a horse its very first saddle and rider right before your eyes.

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Discover how the leader within you

is bigger ... much bigger ...

            than the world in front of you.

Mike Branch Horsemanship

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on Leadership

​WBIR TV Channel 10, Knoxville, TN on the "Alive at Five at Four" show ... here is the interview that my good friend Russell Biven WBIR and Beth Haynes did with me.

It is always such a pleasure to be on their show. And for those of you who may have never met them, yes, they are as real and genuine as they appear on television. In fact, every time I spend time with Russell, "I" walk away a better person.

Perfect for corporate retreats, summits, and renewals.

Your company, or other organization will grow in leaps and bounds from this refreshing new angle. 

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Although an exact number is impossible to calculate, Mike Branch has successfully handled over a thousand horses throughout his horsemanship career. ​"It's realizing the need for confident, qualified leadership, combined with the skill to communicate that leadership character to each horse on an individual basis ... and, it is realizing that qualified leadership is just that, whether it is with horses or humans ... that is what has brought me the success rate that I have achieved,"  says Mike Branch of Mike Branch Horsemanship.

​"I also realize that it is the same character within the heart of the person who is in the position of leadership, that can lead successfully into new realms, as well as the future, whether it be man or beast," Mike says. "In other words, it takes the same type leadership to be, or to become a leader to men and women."

Mike has taught his leadership principles to; corporate executives, CEO's, CFO's, police officers, attorneys, doctors, project managers, football coaches ... etc.

Mike teaches and lectures on the leadership characteristics and skill that is required to reach those you are leading. Book Mike today for your next corporate retreat or event.

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