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 Love,  Understanding,  and  Communication ...

​...Mike Branch


Mike Branch conducts clinics at his "Flying B Ranch" in Blaine, TN, as well as on the road. Please check his schedule to find out where you can sign up for a clinic, or to get information on how you can "host" a clinic.


Each year Mike Branch takes in a few horses for training, and getting started. Contact us to find out if Mike has an availability for your horse.


Mike Branch has some time available for professional consulting on several topics from training the young colt, to leadership training for business corporations. Contact us for more information.

Cowboy Church  

Although Mike freely admits that he has made mistakes along life's trail, Mike Branch is now a born again Christian. Mike takes time out to minister at rodeo grounds, churches, etc where he will use a horse and the analogies that it provides to explain the gospel of Christ.

Private Coaching 

Recognizing that private needs are sometimes necessary, whether it be high profile clients, or some other requirement, Mike Branch offers private clinics, lessons etc. Contact us for more information.

Horsemanship Programs  

Realizing a need for structure, Mike Branch can customize a horsemanship program specific to your group, club, or individual. Contact us for more information.

​Motivational Speaking  

Mike Branch has traveled many places in the world both training horses and teaching. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience and is ready to share, not only some great episodes in life's lessons, "Through the Eye's of a Horseman,"  but how he became successful in his field.

​Leadership Development for the Business Professional  

Mike Branch realizes that a common definition of leadership is really all about getting people to do what you want them to do. It's just like starting a horse under saddle. The goal is to be able to ride the horse. Mike says: it goes much deeper than that, and the end result is really about "how you get there." Mike's horsemanship motto that he wrote for a book that he authored (quoted at the top of this page) nearly a decade ago is somewhat a skeleton outline for developing yourself as a leader. Contact Mike to find out how he can help you and your company take the next step in leadership development.

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When training, Mike Branch doesn't use the terminology "break" a horse. Rather, he holds a philosophy that horses, much like people, need solid leadership in order to develop the kind of relationship desired by both the human and the horse. It is a kind of synergy that develops when a human begins to understand the psyche of the horse, just as in any relationship. The better the character and skill offered and communicated through leadership, the more willing and soft the horse becomes. 

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Mike Branch Horsemanship

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